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Gillette Slim Adjustable DE Safety Razor

James Bond's Razor from Goldfinger


Sick and tired of trawling through endless eBay listings, hoping to find that mis-labeled Gillette President or Toggle?

I've been there - many many times! And with some success...

Have No Fear; Razor Collector is Here... to make life easier for the convalescing razor collecting fanatic.

Razor Collector contains the searches I have used (and still do when the need takes me!) to build my large razor collection.

Please use the menu at the top of this page to find your next razor.

If you find any problems or have any suggestions you can reach me at the "Contact" link above.

Razor Collecting

Collecting Razors is a fairly unusual hobby in that you are collecting objects used by other gents (or ladies!) as part of their grooming process.
However, since most collectable Razors are of metal construction and very well built, it isn't difficult to hygienically sterilise them.
For example, a good DE Safety Razor is a very well made device built to a very high standard.
For instance, take the model shown above, the Gillette Slim Adjustable.
With a good heft, excellent strong TTO mechanism and settings from 1 to 9 you know you're using something special. Most of these razors today are still in excellent condition despite around half a century of use!
Besides, a DE Razor good enough for James Bond is likely more than enough for the rest of us...
To carry the Bond link a little further, have you ever looked at the prices of a James Bond watch???
A Pulsar P2 will certainly put you back a lot more than a Gillette Slim Adjustable but both are fine examples of excellent craftsmanship now sadly lacking for the most part in this day and age.
The Slim Adjustable can be yours for less than the price of a modest restaurant meal and will certainly last a lot longer!
If you have the choice between an heirloom quality finely hewn metal machine or the current, plastic fantastic with a gazillion blades (and don't forget the aloe strip!), which would you choose?